June 18, 2015
We are in the last days of Iced Tea Month.  Whether you drink it sweet or unsweetened or infused with fruit or other adult indulgences – we have some great ways to try out an iced tea today!
June 18, 2015
Are you going to Concerts on the Square this Wednesday?  What are taking to eat?  We can help you out!  Fresh Madison Market has myriad options to make your Concerts experience delightful.  In store we offer numerous prepared sandwiches, salads, snacks wine, beer, desserts and hot food.  If you are looking to prepare your own dishes might we suggest some of the following recipes?
June 11, 2015
We have our Our Family Chicken Breasts on sale this week.  Pick up a package and make some delicious chicken this week!  Every single one of these seven recipes can be made in an apartment with a small kitchen!
June 5, 2015
Do you know what a Black Cow is?  Depending on where you live a Black Cow can mean a variety of things.  It can mean a traditional root beer float with the vanilla ice cream mixed in, or it can be a coke and vanilla ice cream mixture.  June 10th is National Black Cow Day – we should all celebrate by making this delicious dessert!
June 1, 2015
Sure…it’s easy to just throw a burger on the grill, top it with condiments and call it a day. But how much are you impressing your friends and family with this minimal effort? Here are ten awesome hamburgers you can grill up this weekend!