mother nature hits Florida. Again.

Mother Nature Hits Florida. Again.

January 14, 2018

Hurricane Irma slammed Florida late in the summer and caused substantial damage to crops. While this delayed harvests, and caused substantial shortages of produce across the country, many farms were getting back on their feet and shipping again.  As arctic weather dipped deep into the country, snow and freeze warnings were affecting large portions of Florida.  A majority of the crops like peppers, tomatoes, and squash, are grown in the far south, outside of the freezing temperatures.  But, cooler temps have slowed the growth rates, causing yet another delay in production.  Our goal at Fresh Madison Market is to be sure you have access to the freshest produce.  If it isn’t top quality, we will not put it out for you to buy.  If you have any questions about our produce availability, we always welcome your questions.  Ask a store manager today.