July 25, 2022
Celebrate Wine & Cheese Day! Let’s be real, celebrate as often as you’d like! The pinnacle of wine and cheese pairs is charcuterie boards. We have curated five board options with some quality wine, cheese, protein, produce, breads/baked, and dip/jam options. There are a few things to keep in mind when putting together a charcuterie board:
July 18, 2022
Take advantage of two seasonal summer classics, sweet corn and zucchini. Make up a delicious batch of Zucchini & Corn Fritters. Make them for a healthy brunch alternative, snack or side dish that packs a veggie punch! Make the crispy, savory pancake-esque treats which the produce is in season, or freeze them for a later date.
July 11, 2022
Boom! Pop! Bam! Get the tastiest onomatopoeia recipes around! We have 5 recipes that use a wholesome, whole grain snack–Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP. Popcorn is a timeless classic in the snack department. Elevate the gluten-free, vegan BOOMCHICKAPOP to some popping good treats.The recipes pair sweet and salty, healthy and convenient, low-calorie and flavorful. Make them for a quick dessert or an afternoon snack.   5 Ways to Use BOOMCHICKAPOP Peanut Caramel Apple Popcorn Bowl
July 3, 2022
We’ve got a fun combo for dinner tonight! Shrimp + Fruit + Veggies = Stir Fry. The sweetness of some pineapple plus the tang of soy sauce makes for a delicious mix on rice. Add some ‘shellfishy’ delicious shrimp on a scoop of jasmine rice. We have outlined some veggies, but you can never have too many vegetables, add as many as you’d like. Allergic to seafood? Change it out for a different protein, like chicken. Get the recipe now and the ingredients on sale at Fresh!