Free 24 Pack of Our Family Water

December 26, 2018

If you exchange just one bottle of soda for one bottle of water each week, you’ll say goodbye to almost 14,000 calories every year!  Get a good head start on that with a free 24 pack of Our Family brand water!  Outside of air, there’s not too many things your body needs more of than water…and there’s a lot of it out there:  The United States alone gets about 12 trillion gallons of water in precipitation…EVERY DAY!  Although the planet seems to have more water than we could ever use, almost 97% of it salt water found in oceans.  That leaves about 3% that’s drinkable…but most of the fresh water on the planet is frozen inside glaciers and ice caps, while another 2 million cubic miles of water is stuck underground.  Companies like Our Family go to great lengths to make sure the water you drink is nothing but pure, healthy water.  We’re proud to offer you a free 24 pack this week with your purchase of $15 or more in groceries.