Free Angie’s BoomChickAPop This Week

March 3, 2019

There can never be enough great stories of women taking charge and building a great business.  One of our favorites is Angie Bastian.  She’s the “Angie” in “Angie’s BoomChickAPop Popcorn.  She and her husband Dan began making snacks in their small garage in Mankato, Minnesota to teach their kids to work hard and have fun while doing it!   The Bastain’s didn’t want to make just “any” snack.  They wanted to make something that was healthful so they could also teach their kids the importance of eating right.  A hobby of popping popcorn in a garage has now turned into an impressive family business.  Regardless of their size and success, Angie’s BoomChickAPop is still made with whole grain popcorn.  Never any preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or GMOs.  In addition to great snacks, Angie and her family are fully committed to helping women and children everywhere crush their dreams and make a positive impact.  It’s truly one of our favorite companies.  You can taste their passion for free this week.  Pick out any of the many varieties of BoomChickAPop popcorn at no cost with $15 of grocery purchases.