Free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

March 17, 2019

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream now sits shoulder to shoulder with some of the best gourmet ice cream out there.  But that wasn’t always the story.  In 1978, you’d have to go to a little gas station in Vermont to have a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s.  Shortly before selling the ice cream to the public, Ben and Jerry spent $5 on a mail-order course to learn how to make ice cream.  Hardly the stuff of a gourmet!  But they were committed to it, and within a few short years, that little gas station didn’t sell a drop of gas.  It was 100% ice cream and the demand was legendary.  One shop became two… and that became a franchise…and the franchise would eventually lead to worldwide distribution.  Today, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is a favorite, and their ever-evolving list of new flavors keeps people coming back.  We decided we couldn’t wait any longer to get some great ice cream into your hands, so let’s welcome in spring with a free pint of Ben and Jerry’s with your $15 grocery purchase.

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