Free Football Cupcakes

January 26, 2020

Are you ready for some…cupcakes? Your football party will come together with these great football cupcakes, right from the Fresh Madison Market bakery! They taste just as good as they look. Our expert bakers start their day while you’re still sleeping because if you’re going to make the freshest baked goods, you have to start early and you have to start fresh. We take pride in doing things the homemade way. Sure, it takes a little longer, and it’s a little extra work…but that makes all the difference. So many mass-produced foods take shortcuts and use processed ingredients. When we make anything from our artisan bread to our vast array of desserts, it’s always made fresh. This week, you can grab a 6-count pack of football-themed cupcakes for free with your $15 purchase. Put those delectables out for your guests. We don’t even mind if you tell them you made ‘em yourself!