Free Kemps Chocolate Milk

February 10, 2020

The Alfalawn family in Menomonie. The Guenther family in Oconomowoc. Real families who own real farms right here in Wisconsin. Knowing the farmers by name means knowing the quality from the start. That’s what we believe makes Kemps dairy products so unique. For over 100 years, Kemps has stayed true to the philosophy that when you know your farmers, you know your product. The milk they use in all their products all comes from just a handful of family farms. Not mega-corporate factories. Families who believe in freshness and quality just as much as Kemps (and you) do. At Fresh Madison Market, our goal is to not just stock the freshest products…but to source them from local farms as much as possible. The Kemps co-op is one of our favorites, and to celebrate their great organization, we’re inviting you to take home a half-gallon of their rich chocolate milk. It’s free, with your $15 purchase, this week at Fresh Madison Market.