Free Lantana Hummus

March 10, 2019

Who put the “mmmmm” in hummus?  A great company called Lantana.  It’s a company of 3 friends:  Bob, Gil and John.  So many of us talk about following our passions, and these 3 guys did it.  Hummus, at its most basic, is a pretty simple creation.  Hummus is an Arabic word that basically translates to “chickpeas.”  The absolutely formal name for the spread we all love is actually “ḥummuṣ bi ṭaḥīna.”  You guessed it:  Chickpeas with tahini.  But that’s taking us back much further than the story of our 3 friends.  They loved hummus and were constantly experimenting with new flavor combinations.  They also made the bold discovery that hummus didn’t necessarily have to be made with chickpeas.  Lantana hummus has spreads made from black beans, lentil beans, and even cauliflower, beats and chocolate.  See?  They refuse to be held back by just one bean!  When you visit Fresh Madison Market this week, pick up a container of Lantas Hummus for free with your $10 grocery purchase.  We know you’re gonna love all the things hummus can do!