Free Minute Maid Juice

June 30, 2019

Minute Maid began from a company that was working on ways to preserve food to be sent to the troops in World War II.  Being able to turn fresh fruit into powder form was revolutionary at the time and, as military history buffs will tell you, an army travels on its stomach.  This research began in 1945, and before a drop of juice (or can of powder) could be shipped, the war ended and “The National Research Corporation” became known to us all as Minute Maid.  But this isn’t a story about powder.  This is a story about fresh juice.  At Fresh Madison Market, we put the word “fresh” right there at the front because we believe that fresher is always better.  Minute Maid continues to be one of our favorite brands because products like Minute Maid Orange Juice is made from 100% orange juice.  Whatever variety you pick, you’re getting 100% natural flavors, and we like that.  We like it so much…we’re giving you a carton of Minute Maid FREE with your $15 purchase this week at Fresh Madison Market!