Free Open Acres Donut Holes

December 22, 2019

If there’s one word that best describes Open Acres, it’s… “Simple.”  We’ve grown to respect this company because they understand that when it comes to food, keep the ingredients simple.  It’s a philosophy that gets forgotten in a world of highly processed packaged food.  Open Acres always uses fresh ingredients that you know and trust.  This week, pick up a package of Open Acres donut holes for free with your $10 grocery purchase.  These bite-size snacks are great to have on the table in the morning, or on a tray of treats for your guests over the holidays.  You’ll know right away that you’re enjoying something that is good…and fresh!  (Fresh is one of our favorite words, if you haven’t noticed)  When you’re shopping for the holidays this week, pick up Open Acres donut holes, free with your $10 grocery purchase.  Our gift to you!