FREE Open Acres Hummus

August 8, 2021

As a healthy, protein enriched snack food, Open Acres Hummus pairs perfectly with your favorite pretzels, bread, veggies, and so much more! Whether you are dipping your favorite chips into it, or spreading it on your sandwich, the only question you will have is: “how do I get that last little bit from the bottom of the tub?” Hummus is made from smashed up garbanzo beans that make the thick consistency we all know and love. With little natural flavor from the garbanzo beans, hummus is the perfect foundation to pair with a wide variety of food options. There is a flavor of Open Acres Hummus for everyone’s taste buds. Hummus is not only made in numerous savory flavors, but also sweet flavors. Hummus is always a great, healthy food to keep in your home for whenever you want a light snack! Pick up your favorite Open Acres Hummus with a $15+ purchase this week at Fresh Madison!