Free Vita-Ice This Week Only

May 5, 2019

At Fresh Madison Market, we love things that are fresh, good for you, and taste great.  A bottle of water usually checks off two of those boxes.  But if we’re being honest…not a lot of flavor.  Sometimes you just need some water.  But when you’re looking for water with flavor, let us recommend Vita-Ice from Klarbrunn.  Vita-Ice is both bubbly and sweet.  Don’t let that “sweet” part worry you.  Vita-Ice is sweetened with Sucralose, a sweetener that’s made from sugar and tastes like sugar…but no calories.  It comes in 18 different flavors, including the new Bing Cherry Plum, Crisp Apple, and Grape Berry.  Refreshment doesn’t have to be boring, and the Vita-Ice flavors are absolutely not boring.  This week a 17 ounce bottle of Vita-Ice, in any flavor you choose, is free with your $10 grocery purchase.  Refresh the fun, tasty and healthy way!