Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

November 12, 2018

The creative people at Coffee Cups and Crayons offer a great way to keep the kids busy while you’re working hard in the kitchen.  All you’ll need are some paper lunch bags, glue, scissors, and some colorful felt leaves from a craft store (or just make your own)! 

  1. Cut strips in the paper bag about halfway down.  Then twist the center of the bag (like you used to do before you pop it). 
  2. Next, twist the individual strips you cut and form to make branches.
  3. Let the kids glue the leaves onto the branches and leave the decorations around the house.
  4. Add a bit of rice or sand in the bottom to keep the paper bag trees standing.

For even more fun ideas, Women’s Day magazine has over 40 creative ideas that can keep kids and adults occupied while waiting for the big meal to come out of the oven.