Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Food

September 23, 2018

Parents have been barking “eat your vegetables!” as long as there have been parents…and vegetables. This isn’t new, but it does seem harder than ever to get your kids to choose something healthful over something horrible.  The doctors at WebMD tell us the first important tip is…

Don’t call food “horrible!”  Labeling food as “good” or “bad isn’t going to help them.  Instead, help them   learn that protiens give them strength for sports and fruits and veggies help keep skin and hair looking good.

Keep healthy food around.  Kids and adults alike will always eat what is available to us.  Keeping fruit on the counter is an easy way to make sure they reach for the healthy stuff.

Don’t be restrictive.  Nothing good comes from banishing or restricting food.  In fact, that practice has been shown to lead to eating disorder.  Keep it positive and focus on the nutritional options instead.

It’s not a “reward.”  The  exact opposite of being restrictive is using food as a “bribe” or “reward.”  Studies show that can also lead to poor relationships with food later in life.

Have dinner together.  Sitting down at the table and creating the habit of taking time to have a good meal can lead kids down a healthy path in life.

Involve your pediatrician.  Since every body is different, your child’s doctor is the best source of ideas and good advice. 

The most important thing to always remember is that when you build good habits while they are still young, you are helping them make great choices later in life.