Getting organized in the New Year

December 26, 2018

As you put away the decorations next month, it’s a good time to get yourself organized for 2019.  That might sound like a huge task, but if broken down into smaller parts it can make a huge difference. 

  1.  Have a cleaning schedule.  Instead of waiting to get it all done on the weekends, doing a little bit each day will keep you from getting overwhelmed.
  2. A place for everything.  Making sure everything has its place (and it goes back) can be as easy as blank labels and a marker.  If you find yourself cramming items back into their spot, once you get them where you want them, put a label there so whoever gets it out next knows where to put it.
  3. Involve the kids.  When kids know they have a specific job that has a specific outcome, they become good little workers.  But the trick is to be sure you give them a specific job.  Don’t throw too much at them at once.
  4. Keep, toss, or donate.  Each time you touch something to put away, decide whether it’s really something you need before storing it.  You’ll be surprised how freeing it is to let go of items that are just taking up space.  Local charities like Goodwill will find a new home for it!
  5. Purge piles.  Files are better than piles.  If you see “hot zones” where things tend to stack up (shoes, junk mail, odds and ends) get a decorative basket to make sure they have a home.  It will clear the clutter, and you’re less likely to lose it.

The best advice is always “baby steps.”  By tackling a little bit every day, your organizing will go a long way!