Let's Stay Local, Madison!

November 4, 2013

800 Block Project - We are Ready!

800 East WashingtonMadison has always been a city devoted to small businesses; our neighbors buy from local stores, eat at family-owned restaurants, and many own small businesses themselves. Not only do the people of Madison support local businesses, but these businesses have made a commitment to supporting the city and its people; a fact we have always been proud of.

For decades, Metcalfe’s Market has been an important part of this community, and we were excited to see them be involved in the 800 Block of East Washington redevelopment; a project that could revitalize a neighborhood, and continue to strengthen the city of Madison.

Even though Metcalfe’s has pulled out of the 800 Block project, there is still an opportunity to bring jobs, commerce, and new life to the area by continuing to include local business in the redevelopment. The project still needs a grocery store, and instead of a national chain it should be one that works with local suppliers offering a full line of groceries for all your shopping needs at consumer-friendly prices!

That is why Fresh Madison Market’s commitment to the project hasn’t changed.  We can pick up the ball and run with it if the community wants us to. Let’s keep the project local, Madison!

Local Partner - Greenbush Bakery

greenbush bakery MadisonOne of Madison’s hidden gems is also one of our favorite local partners: Greenbush Bakery. If you haven’t visited this well-loved and historic bakery on Regent, make plans right now. Voted the best bakery in town for many years, Greenbush is best known for its large variety of doughnuts…and not just the regular doughnuts you are all used to. Have you seen their apple fritters? We are proud to offer fresh baked goods from Greenbush Bakery…and, remember, if it’s a late night and you need something sweet, Greenbush is probably open!

 Planning Now for the Holidays

We are only 51 days from Christmas! That either got you excited or nervous since the holidays are filled with lots of fun, but also lots of stress. We are here to help you. If you need to plan an office get together or a small party for friends, book our event room now. It will start to fill up in December. Are you thinking about a lunch for your co-workers or a nice evening out for your office and their significant others? Our event room would be perfect!

Event Room and Catering for the HolidaysIf you are throwing a holiday gala at your own home, let us cater it for you and save you lots of time and any headaches. We have an extensive selection that can be tailored your needs and your budget. Visit our website or call us at 608-287-0000 and learn more from our catering experts!

And, we offer fully prepared Thanksgiving meals! You choose the size…a large meal for a large family or an intimate get together to celebrate – start planning now with Fresh Madison Market and let us help you enjoy the Holiday Season!