image of mother

Make Mama Smile

May 10, 2017

Just because she doesn’t ask for much, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make her day great. Start with breakfast in bed. Our bakery has buy one get one free muffins. While she’s enjoying that, you can get to work marinating an amazing New York Strip from Angus Pride. At just $11.99 a pound, you’ve got the beginnings of a feast. Add a side of asparagus from Indiana for a flavorful presentation, only $2.99 a pound.

A big basket of strawberries just arrived from California. These beauties are big, bright, and full of flavor. A little shortcake from our bakery and some rich whipped cream from the dairy, and dessert is done. Take home a whole pound of strawberries for just $1.99. That’s an easy way to make Mama smile on Mother’s Day. Oh, and don’t forget an “I love you” someplace in there. It goes a long way.