The Mystery of Moscow Mule Mugs

April 2, 2018

The Moscow Mule, a cocktail that has been an alluring favorite for decades, is making a resurgence of late.  If this well-crafted drink is new to you, you may have noticed they always seem to come in a rather unique vessel.  A dramatic copper mug.  Among circles of cocktail aficionados, asking the seemingly obvious question “what’s with the copper mug?” will spawn gasps and shock.  Luckily, we’re not that type of aficionado, so we’re happy to answer that question.  According to, the first benefit of copper mugs is temperature.  Copper acts as a good insulator from outside heat, and the handle keeps your warm hands from dropping the temperature.  Many often cite that the copper enhances the flavor.  Of course, that is going to vary for each user, but some suggest that the copper walls tend to boost the aroma of the vodka and likely increase the bubbles of the ginger beer.  Mostly, it’s for the experience.  You know you’re having a special drink.  This unique look began to spread in the 1940s as pictures of customers in Hollywood and Manhattan bars began to circulate.  And who doesn’t want to feel like they’re in a Manhattan bar in the 40s?  We have a small collection of Moscow Mule copper mugs that we are giving out to the first people who do more than $25 of grocery shopping with us.  We don’t have many, so if you want to have this classic experience, head on over today!