Practically Perfect Peaches

October 2, 2017

You know we insist that the food we bring to you at [Fresh City Market][Madison Fresh Market] is fresh.  It’s not good enough to “almost” get there and hope that “nobody will notice.”  We start with carefully choosing our partner farms and products.  One product that really impressed us was Prima Gattie peaches.  Peaches are delicate, and one simple bruise can ruin a peach.  Prima beaches are never dumped into a giant bulk bins.  Instead, they use small buckets so the peaches don’t bang around and get bruised and blemished.  They are hand packed right next to the orchard by experts who stand by every peach that heads to the store.  But, what really impressed us about the Prima Gattie peach is that you get a big peach that took all summer to develop.  It’s Prima’s crown achievement.  Ultimately, peaches, like all of our produce, must pass the final test.  It has to taste great.  Keep an eye out for Prima Gattie Peaches in our produce department, and you’ll take home what we think is a practically perfect peach.