the story of pizza

The Story of Pep’s Pizza

October 29, 2017

The story of Pep’s Pizza is one of those that goes back to a time when everybody had their own favorite pizza joint.  It was one that was right in the neighborhood, and people would argue for hours on end about whose tavern had the best pizza.  Not many of those places survived, probably because they may not have been quite as good as the legend that preceded them.  But, Pep’s Pizza was a stand out.  It was the kind of place that made people say “next time I’m in town, we’re getting Pep’s.”  The original tavern that served the original Pep’s is long gone… but, the pizza is still in high demand.  It’s one of those pizzas that was built around a cold mug of beer.  The two just seem to go together perfectly.  Pep’s Drafthaus Original combines newly handcrafted recipes, exceptional ingredients, and BIG taste with even BIGGER toppings!  We’d like you to give one a try this week… Just $7.99 with your $17 purchase.