Update on Florida Produce

October 9, 2017

Local and federal authorities have been surveying Florida farmland for damage to crops.  It’s estimated that the damage will be in the billions.  Hurricane Irma pulled oranges from trees, flattened sugar cane fields, and soaked vegetable beds.  This level of destruction in one state will surely be felt across the United States.  Florida Citrus Mutual spokesman Andrew Meadows reports he is hearing anecdotal reports of “up to 50 percent fruit loss.  Some growers are below that.  Some are above that, obviously.”  Meadows said that it’s not just citrus crops, it’s affecting virtually everyone.  One challenge for grocery shoppers could be the glut of lesser quality produce coming from other countries.  We’re continuing to closely monitor and continue our promise to you that the produce you find at Fresh Madison Market will only be the freshest and tastiest.  Speak with one of our managers if you have any questions or any concerns.