warm food

Warm Food on a Cold Day

October 29, 2017

That first bite in the air each winter is a reminder that we’ve got a few months of cold ahead of us.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite warm-you-up recipes.  We hope it will take just a bit of the chill out of your toes this winter.

Our first selection was recently featured on the Today Show.  It’s a turkey chili you make in your slow cooker.  Here’s what you need:

1 pound ground turkey meat

1 smokey sausage (chourico or linguica)

1 large red bell pepper

1 large red onion

2 stalks celery

3 cloves, garlic

1 cup dry white wine

1/2 cup tomato paste

1 teaspoons chili powder

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

2 tablespoons butter

2 sprigs rosemary

1 bundle curly parsley

1 - 2 cups water

Preparation couldn’t be easier.  Sautee the garlic, onions, bell pepper and celery in butter.  Stir in the diced sausage and cook until it’s slightly browned.  Here’s where you can add some wine to deglaze it, and keep cooking for several minutes until it’s no longer pink.  Put this in your slow cooker along with the tomato paste, spices, wine, rosemary and water.  Set it to high and for the next 4 hours, the cooker does the work.  This goes great with some rice and will be hearty leftovers for the next day, too.