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What’s with the Different Colored Milk Bottles?

June 30, 2017

The farm fresh milk from Oberweis Dairy has a new look.  These dark amber colored milk bottles may look unusual to you at first, but it’s the next step they’re taking to keep your milk as fresh as can be.  Two things will quickly cut freshness:  Too much heat and too much light.  To solve the heat problem, Oberwies uses a process called “gentle pasteurization.”  This helps maintain the nutrients and freshness.  The next challenge is the lighting in the refrigerators at the store.  Your refrigerator light turns off, ours doesn’t.  Tests have shown that when milk is constantly exposed to light, it loses flavor and freshness.  The amber colored bottles keep the milk farm fresh longer.  Inside, you still get milk with no additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients or hormones.