What's New Inside Fresh Madison Market?

January 21, 2013

You are going to notice some changes inside the store and we are definitely excited about them!  First off, you will notice our new coffee and pizza aisles. And, be sure to look at the circular display case located at the front of the store for our own Fresh Madison Market products.

You are also going to notice more variety in the wines we are carrying. First, you will find an entirely new section of wines from South Africa. The Malbecs from Argentina continue to be popular and we have added two new Malbecs from that region. Try something new this weekend!

Just a reminder about the cold snap that hit the west coast last week – you will see a jump in prices for many fruits and vegetables including asparagus, broccoli as well as most berries. There is no telling how long it will be before the growers out there can meet demand again to bring those prices down.

Cater Your Super Bowl Party! Enjoy your own party, call us for catering!

We now know which two teams will be battling each other in the Super Bowl…or is it called the “Super Baugh” this year. Talk about sibling rivalry! If you are planning a party, we can help you throw the best one in town! Obviously, we have the essentials, but why do all the work and have all the worry when we can cater it for you! Click here for more information on our catering services and click here to check out our party platters!

This week’s Cooking Class is a little different. It’s cheese and crackers…but not just cheese and crackers. The people from Potter's Crackers will offer many of their varieties. Roth Case will also be on hand to discuss their products as well. Plus, we will have wine; you can’t have a cheese and crackers party without wine! Join us on the 24th!