June 5, 2015
Do you know what a Black Cow is?  Depending on where you live a Black Cow can mean a variety of things.  It can mean a traditional root beer float with the vanilla ice cream mixed in, or it can be a coke and vanilla ice cream mixture.  June 10th is National Black Cow Day – we should all celebrate by making this delicious dessert!
May 28, 2015
Sure…it’s easy to just throw a burger on the grill, top it with condiments and call it a day.  But how much are you impressing your friends and family with this minimal effort?  Here are ten awesome hamburgers you can grill up this weekend!
April 24, 2015
Avocados are on sale this week for 39¢ at Fresh Madison Market.  Avocados are known as a super food, they are wonderful for weight loss menus, they have tons of health benefits PLUS they taste awesome!  But what can YOU make with them?  Here are some ideas: Tomato Avocado Melt from
April 11, 2015
We cannot deny just how much we love grilled cheese sandwiches.  With Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day tomorrow, we thought it would be great to supply you with multiple recipes to make delicious, belly-filling grilled cheese sandwiches.  And you don’t have to worry, not one of them is the $100 Grilled Cheese sandwich that was available in Chicago last year.
March 5, 2015
Coconut water is the nourishing liquid inside the coconut fruit.  This liquid is packed with vitamins and minerals.  Many have said that Coconut water is “nature’s sports drink”.  Coconut water is a natural sports drink that offers many of the same benefits as sports drinks, including the electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, but in their natural form versus chemical form. Coconut water has less calories and sodium, and it contains more potassium than a sports drink which may make coconut water a better choice for you.
February 11, 2015
There are some that like to say that almonds are one of the world’s most healthy foods.  And based on the many studies done of almonds and their links to a better you – they may indeed be one of the world’s most healthy food. According to the FDA, consuming 1.5 ounces a day of most nuts, like almonds, may decrease the risk of heart disease.  Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, the same type of fats as found in olive oil, which have been linked with reduced risk of heart disease. Almonds contain manganese, copper and Riboflavin which support energy and metabolic rate.
February 4, 2015
How did we go so many years without the joy that is Nutella?  Nutella can be used as so much more than a sandwich filling.  From appetizers and entrees to desserts and spreads, we have ten foods made better with Nutella.
January 30, 2015
Sometimes you would like a quick warm meal in your dorm room or your apartment and you either don’t have access to a stove or don’t feel like pulling all the utensils out to cook a warm meal.  Try creating an egg in a cup meal.  The only requirements are an egg, a microwave and a microwave safe mug.
January 19, 2015
Ah the joys of popcorn.  A dorm and apartment food staple. Do you agree that popcorn can get very, very, very boring? We have gathered five fresh ways, from spicy to sweet to mmmm bacon,  here are five ways to make that microwave bag of popcorn, make your day.
January 2, 2015
Is one of your resolutions to eat healthier in 2015? How about creating a portable salad for lunch? Mason Jar Salads are on point! You can pick up a quart mason jar at many retail outlets. You can make a Mason Jar Salad with our salad bar or purchase the ingredients in advance (and have enough for multiple salads). Mason Jar Salad Directions 1. Choose a dressing. Since you are trying to reach your healthy goal, pick a lighter vinaigrette (although you can use any salad dressing you would like). 2. Add a layer of vegetables.